Our 8 top tips to create the perfect industrial style home!

Industrial interiors are IN! We are loving incorporating industrial elements into our clients’ homes, adding to the ever-popular vintage modern trend!

Here are a few of our top tips on ways to style your home to create this industrial look ahead of 2022! It’s time to switch it up!

0.1_Unique Touches

Industrial products are fun! Steering away from classic styles, the industrial look modernises furniture to create a look that’s completely ununiformed, making the style of your home unique to you. Exploring industrial styles allows you to incorporate elements that are unusual, we love this bar space – perfect for any industrialised kitchen! That’s the beauty of it, although the bar stools in this image are different the look itself flows and creates the perfect balanced space!

0.2_ Sociable Spaces

Incorporate this style throughout your home. We love this industrial style dining room! The table itself is a conversation starter, making itself a clear focal point in the room through its beautiful, abstract design. The sideboards add to this style, matching the furniture whilst balancing the space.

0.3_ Rustic Tones

We love the rustic style! The black legs modernise the tables whilst adding to the industrial look. Benches have also become extremely popular this year to many of our clients, adding an industrial touch.

0.4_ A Working Space

The industrial office of dreams! Matching furniture with a cool statement chair creates a balanced look in the room. Adding Aztec textures also creates a cosy feel, bringing the space together.

0.5_ The Devils in the Detail

Make your home your own. Adding your own touch will only add to this style. Stone elements such as vases and busts look fabulous against industrial style furniture.

0.6_ Light Up Your Space

Goodbye glass chandeliers, hello industrial style lighting. We are a huge fan of this! When creating a vintage modern home, we often implement industrial style lighting to make the room moody and create a calming yet chic atmosphere. We love these lights! Just by adding a touch of the industrial style, the room looks modern and stylish.

0.7_ Match The Style

Matching different types of furniture is key when creating a balanced space. By matching the chair legs with the shelving, the design elements allow the style of the room to flow. This enables the different types of furniture to complement one another.

0.8_ Finishing Touches

Having industrial style furniture allows for experimentation on the walls. Adding art and mirrors is always recommended, but this style really enables you to play with different tones and looks. This is where you can create your own colour scheme and add personalisation to your home.

Most of the products in the images are available - message us if you see anything of interest! Hope you've enjoyed reading!

With Love,

The Paul Edwards Interiors Team x

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