Mixing The Old and The New – Vintage Modern, The New Trend

When designing a home, this is a style we often opt for. Whether your home is old or new the continuous style of placing contemporary and antique pieces will be everlasting. Being a stockist of many leading brands that stock a range of styles, we are always experimenting by combining products that offer these contrasting styles to create the most balanced space with an added character.



Like all good projects plan, plan and then plan again! The experimental phase of an interior project is the most important. Understand what works for you and your home before implementing anything. Create moods of colour schemes, textures and patterns whilst exploring different wood tones to create that perfect contrast. Pinterest is always a good place to start when trying to find inspiration.

The biggest reason behind planning is so that we can ensure your space is balanced and proportional. You need to aim to use the correct number of alternating styles to achieve this perfect vintage modern finish without overloading your home – that’s when things start to look messy. The end goal is to have an elegant and balanced home full of character which looks like it evolved over the years.

Finally, decide on your focal point. This could be a grand, traditional mirror inside a modern space, a contemporary lighting fixture inside a more traditional room set or my personal favourite, a unique fireplace mantel showcased inside a modern space creates a truly powerful statement.


Rugs are back! Adding a rug is something that doesn’t just add shape and depth to your space but also lowers the tone. This is a key technique for creating dimension and a well put together room, whilst not distracting the eye from the beautiful pieces around the room. When adding a rug often opt for a more neutral tone that will enhance your colour palette rather than contrast it – this also makes your room look bigger!

Panelling is my favourite trend. A big lockdown favourite, panelling works in both traditional homes and new builds adding character and depth. Panelling can be as simple or as complex as you desire and works against many colour schemes. Navy panelled walls are a trend now, and we love it!

One of our favourite styles is combining tweed and leather. Tweed is so stylish – a key ingredient in creating a vintage modern home. We have an array of tweed sofas and armchairs that can be personalised to any colour, size, or style you desire.

Finally, herringbone styled flooring is another fantastic and stylish way to explore this style to achieve dimension and balance. We also love the herringbone style on console units and tables – super chic!


Overall, this is your home, and we want it to reflect you! We understand that our personal preferences may be completely different to yours which is why we make our clients our priority. Creating your dream home is what we do!

Giving your home a personality doesn’t mean adding a bold colour. Antiques are fabulous to tell a story, add artworks, mirrors, plants, and items that are personal to you. When designing a room, you may want to keep the odd original piece inside – this is great as gives us a task to work around whilst exploring the best ways to enhance the item and fit it into the room.


A neutral palette is always a good idea, but we want the space to reflect your personality. Adding greenery is always a nice touch that looks good and creates a homely feeling to a neutral home. Woven items such as baskets and chairs also look great against this vintage modern style alongside decretive wooden lanterns.

I hate the saying ‘colour pop’ but adding a bold colour is something that many more traditional homes do benefit from. For example, when creating a dining space, we often pair a grand wooden herringbone style dining table with an array of brightly coloured chairs to create a perfect balance and enhance the room. Mixing materials and wooden tones is a great way to achieve balance whilst being on-trend.

As always, we can't wait for our next post!

With Love

The Paul Edwards Team x

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