Autumnal Feels… Autumn is Coming

My favourite time of year is just around the corner. Autumn is our busiest period, with people exploring new styles in their homes just in time for Christmas day.

In our eyes, Autumn is a season that needs to be interpreted in the home. The season of pumpkin-spiced lattes, bonfire nights and evenings spent with family by the fire. A season worth celebrating.

This week’s blog includes a few of our tips to make your home feel Autumnal, giving you all the inspiration, you need to make your home cosy and warm during this period.

1) A Cosy Space

An essential for this time of year. There are so many ways to create a feeling of cosiness in your home by adding a few minor pieces, there’s no need to spend a fortune. Firstly, textiles are your best friend. To create the cosiest space, we recommend implementing larger pillows and throws across your living room area. We would recommend switching up your current pillows and scatter cushions replaced by larger pillows of a warmer tone and complimented by a matching throw. The aim is to give a sense of warmth and by adding heavier textiles you’ll achieve this. Layering up is key for this period, whether it’s in your living room or bedroom.

2) Adapt your Palette

Different seasons give you different feelings. Your colour palette often mirrors this. You can often tell what season a home was designed in. In winter, people often oft for darker oaks and brass when in summer, homes are often designed as light and airy. As the months change it’s nice to switch up your tonal palette.

Light, summery tones which would have looked fabulous in summer, now make your home feel cold. Adding warmer tones are a fabulous way to make your home feel autumnal. Gain inspiration from the natural tones outside. A trendy colour this Autumn is muted blue, when placed against the warm autumnal reds and oranges it creates a stunning contrast. Wooden and woven pieces are fantastic additions to your home during this period, adding deep textural elements helps create the feeling of warmth.

Art can also play a huge part. Perhaps add a piece including these warmer, natural tones to complement the Autumnal style. Art is always a personal preference; you may love what others do not. It’s always nice to invest in a new piece, giving your room a completely new feeling.

3) A New Feeling

The feeling your home gives you is the most important feeling. Autumn is a very cold and dark season, the opposite of how we want your house to feel. Feelings can be created by enhancing your senses. Lighting an autumnal scented candle always sets the tone. Candles and diffusers that smell like warm cooking spices and pumpkin are a favourite in my home during Autumn. Candles are perfect additions to console tables and coffee tables bringing beautiful smells into your home.

If your home includes a fireplace, lighting a fire also adds to this Autumnal feeling providing warmth, light and a beautiful smell. This also allows you to include fall décor across your mantel. A favourite of ours is outdoor firepits. These stunning firepits reflect beautiful shadows across your garden whilst providing warmth outside. A good incentive for fresh air during the colder evenings in Autumn.

Antlers, stag décor and candlesticks all also give the feeling of Autumn whilst being beautiful additions to your home and creating an autumnal centrepiece.

4) Fall florals

Finally, adding florals to your home at any time of year is a good idea but in Autumn and Winter, you can experiment with the florals you add. We would recommend flowers with rich autumnal tones. These are perfect for table décor.

Real or fake, flowers are often used to give life to a room. We always try and implement florals and greenery where possible.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that it has given you all the inspiration you need to create the perfect autumnal home. As always, contact us for any advice!

See you next time.

With love

The Paul Edwards Team x
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